How Much I Will Charge

For the sake of this post I will be estimating the cost of the service I will provide with the LAN café/restaurant idea. In the concept of this idea I will either have booths or several tables set up throughout the building with budget-built and/or sponsored computers on them. These devices will be equipped with the best internet connection that I can provide for them. The focus behind this service is for people who want to PC game but don’t have a proper computer to play on and/or they do not have an internet connection capable of supporting the games that they play, it may also aid customers in any other task that requires a stable connection. It is difficult for me to price this service because very few these cafés are in the United States as this kind of business is more wide-spread in Japan and South Korea. If I want to follow what these countries charge for their services I would be looking at approximately $2.36 to $4.73 USD per hour. Though this cost is affordable for many peo…

Guest Speaker Brian

This post is a place holder right now. Will fill in later.

Guest Speaker Robert

The second guest speaker is another entrepreneur named Robert Coons, the co-founder and CEO of Scout Military discounts. Unlike our fist guest who make products and companies seemingly because he could. Coons saw a specific issue that had a potential market and worked to find a remedy for the issue. One of the primary focuses of Scout Military is to help service members by making it easier to find discounts which apply to them. This product already exists in the world today but did not seem effective in its current use. I was impressed at Coons application because it was an issue that I to an extent knew about but in the end thought nothing of it, while at the same time he noticed this issue and made his best effort to fix this issue that to me was just a passing thought. Scout Military has been in operation for many years but is still working on its first product. The product in question is a cell phone app that allows the user to check for military discounts in stores and other busines…

Guest Speaker Erik

Our first guest speaker for the quarter was Eric Hanberg. During his speech he named off several of the businesses he had started throughout his years of being an entrepreneur, many of which he either started on a whim or created a fictitious product to see how popular it would be if it existed. Being able to do these things on a whim is a trait I do not possess, and I personally feel that if I can not develop this trait I will not last very long. The ability to ‘jump’ is something I have always had trouble with, I always need some sort of plan where everything is planned out and is at least moderately guaranteed. If the plan by any chance goes awry no matter how small I have the urge to pull the plug before too much goes wrong.

Before entering the class, I already understood that these businesses we may potentially create may not be big, or even survive very long, but the though of how will it live if its not big always remained. Both the professor and Hanberg’s actions in creating …

Business Ideas

1. The first idea consists of two things that already exist but together can create a potential business. The first is an internet cafe, these are more popular in places like South Korea and Japan but they are essentially places where customers can rent a computer to use for a determined amount of time. The other is essentially a restaurant/bar. The idea is to equip the building with the best Internet/Ethernet we can afford to attract customers who do not have internet or low-quality internet as well as have. We will also require several computers capable of running current/popular games, the computers may possibly be on the same LAN. This will not only bring solo customers but also groups of customers wanting to play the same game together which opens up hosting options for events, parties, tournaments, and all things in between. This will be made easier with the restaurant half of the business providing cheap food/snacks/drinks to the customers as they play or take a break from play…

Thing I Expect/Want From This Class

I wish to understand what it takes to start a business in respects to what kind of person with which drives, motivations, or talents is needed as well as the basic legal process of creating a business; including the paperwork, funding, sponsors, and any other requirements are needed to begin and maintain one.
I also want to know the ups and downs of creating a business in the modern world during a time where internet and media coverage can make or break any company. I can understand that advertisement has always been a factor in business for a very long time but how has the internet intensified the concept?
Another is how to find sponsors or partners in the business world and if one is found what is needed to reach a profitable conclusion. All the points mentioned will more likely differ from person to person, but I feel that is especially applies to this one.
I must learn these secrets to lure the competition into a false sense of security so that the scouts of the 41st Squirrel Bat…