Guest Speaker Erik

 Our first guest speaker for the quarter was Eric Hanberg. During his speech he named off several of the businesses he had started throughout his years of being an entrepreneur, many of which he either started on a whim or created a fictitious product to see how popular it would be if it existed. Being able to do these things on a whim is a trait I do not possess, and I personally feel that if I can not develop this trait I will not last very long. The ability to ‘jump’ is something I have always had trouble with, I always need some sort of plan where everything is planned out and is at least moderately guaranteed. If the plan by any chance goes awry no matter how small I have the urge to pull the plug before too much goes wrong.

Before entering the class, I already understood that these businesses we may potentially create may not be big, or even survive very long, but the though of how will it live if its not big always remained. Both the professor and Hanberg’s actions in creating small businesses out of the things that you love give me some hope in this respect that I can turn my hobbies into a job one day if I can find or possibly invent the right circumstance to allow it to prosper. An opportunity that few have or may ever have access to in their lives.

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