Guest Speaker Robert

The second guest speaker is another entrepreneur named Robert Coons, the co-founder and CEO of Scout Military discounts. Unlike our fist guest who make products and companies seemingly because he could. Coons saw a specific issue that had a potential market and worked to find a remedy for the issue.
One of the primary focuses of Scout Military is to help service members by making it easier to find discounts which apply to them. This product already exists in the world today but did not seem effective in its current use.
I was impressed at Coons application because it was an issue that I to an extent knew about but in the end thought nothing of it, while at the same time he noticed this issue and made his best effort to fix this issue that to me was just a passing thought.
Scout Military has been in operation for many years but is still working on its first product. The product in question is a cell phone app that allows the user to check for military discounts in stores and other businesses, the discounts also very depending on the specific service of the person in question.
Despite the app not having an official release, it is being distributed via the app store for smart phones. With the test users using the application and then reporting to the company with any issues that they may have, or functions that it lacks. The app is also gaining funds via advertisements in the application, though in the future Coons wants these advertisements to be relevant to the past searches or purchases of the user.


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