Business Ideas

1. The first idea consists of two things that already exist but together can create a potential business. The first is an internet cafe, these are more popular in places like South Korea and Japan but they are essentially places where customers can rent a computer to use for a determined amount of time. The other is essentially a restaurant/bar. The idea is to equip the building with the best Internet/Ethernet we can afford to attract customers who do not have internet or low-quality internet as well as have. We will also require several computers capable of running current/popular games, the computers may possibly be on the same LAN. This will not only bring solo customers but also groups of customers wanting to play the same game together which opens up hosting options for events, parties, tournaments, and all things in between. This will be made easier with the restaurant half of the business providing cheap food/snacks/drinks to the customers as they play or take a break from playing. This could also lead to partnerships with restaurants or micro-breweries in the future.

2. This idea came from the senior project idea that my group came up with. The idea is basically a theft deterrent for delivered packages. The prototype idea has an electronic automated nerf gun which uses a webcam equipped with facial recognition as well as a laser tripwire to arm and then defend the package against intruders. The camera will be linked to a database of 'friendly' faces which it will not fire at. If a face is seen that does not exist in the list the gun will fire at them. If it was not already mentioned the package being placed down will interrupt the laser tripwire activating the gun after a small grace period, after this point it will scan the faces of anyone who approaches the package and then act accordingly. later versions may include something equivalent of an airsoft, bb, or paintball gun. In recent times package theft has become a great and frequent problem and I feel this idea or something equivalent will be in demand by those who want to protect their packages while they are away. This idea has not been cross-checked with any legal constraints so changes will likely occur.

3. The last idea I feel is not as much of a business idea but could still be relevant. It is essentially a search app for trading card game (TCG) players to let them know of game events occurring in their area (or area they input) whether it be that day or in the future. I recognize that this is a very niche application but it has potential to partner with card shops and hobby stores in order to attract more players to their events. They user will input their city (or one they are interested in) and then the app will look for relevant stores in the area and then pull lists from them referencing any events.


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