How Much I Will Charge

For the sake of this post I will be estimating the cost of the service I will provide with the LAN café/restaurant idea. In the concept of this idea I will either have booths or several tables set up throughout the building with budget-built and/or sponsored computers on them. These devices will be equipped with the best internet connection that I can provide for them. The focus behind this service is for people who want to PC game but don’t have a proper computer to play on and/or they do not have an internet connection capable of supporting the games that they play, it may also aid customers in any other task that requires a stable connection. It is difficult for me to price this service because very few these cafés are in the United States as this kind of business is more wide-spread in Japan and South Korea. If I want to follow what these countries charge for their services I would be looking at approximately $2.36 to $4.73 USD per hour. Though this cost is affordable for many people, which is my intention, I do not feel that the business will survive off these rates. I will need to further investigate what these cafés charge but now I am feeling that $5-10/hour might make more sense. What might make some of this money back however is the food services what will be provided inside the establishment. Pricing may depend on the popularity of the business, but I also want these prices to be affordable as well. I don’t want to sell the food for dirt cheap but at the same time I don’t want to charge ballpark prices for a plate of nachos. I will also need to look into seeing a proper middle ground in that regard as well.


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